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Monday, May 5, 2014

Infanta's Creamy Cat JSK Review

Hello again!

About a week ago I got something special in the mail!  I ordered this jsk from Clobbaonline, and it was my first ever order from that service.  I filmed a review of Clobba fairly quickly after my order arrived, viewable here:

My order was quite successful!  I'm very pleased with how it went.

Now, on to the JSK...

Infanta's Creamy Cat!

If I could have a tea party with kitties every day, you know I would.  I think my favourite cat is that yellow one sitting next to the piece of cake, with the big red bow on her head and a little collar.  

Along the sleeves and bodice is soft, lovely lace - and of course along the bottom hem, too.  And those waist ties... yes, paws!

This is the sweetest dress I own!  It makes me really hungry *0*

For pastries, mind you.

The JSK was less than $100 on Clobba.

This fits well and is very nicely constructed.  Infanta offers a range of sizes, as well as custom sizing, so you can guarantee something will sit nicely on you.

I ordered the wrist cuffs and headpiece has well, and several detachable bows were included.

This is definitely coming with me to A-kon this year!  I can't wait to coordinate it more! 

Today, I paired it with a BtSSB blouse and a cute little star-shaped necklace my boyfriend gave me when we first started dating.  (Also, my crazy poofy chocolate-brown Arda wig)

I want more Infanta pieces now!  I also want to try some stuff from other smaller brands, like Classical Puppets or Dear Celine.  The quality of all of these brands seems to be really great, and the prices aren't that far off from Bodyline's stuff nowadays.  And I'm quickly falling out of love with Bodyline.

Anyway, talk to you later and thanks for reading!

This is also viewable on my youtube:

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