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Friday, April 11, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: What's new on your wishlist?

I'm jumping on the LBC bandwagon again, and this time with an actual blog.  

This week's theme is a new wishlist item!  Currently, I'm going through doing my first order with the shopping service called Clobbaonline.  If all goes well and I like my order, then I plan to order again fairly quickly - and this is the thing that has caught my eye:

This is Infanta's "Dark Magic Party" JSK.  I wasn't crazy about this when I first saw it, but now every time I see it on Clobba's site I grow a little more in love with it.

Teapots, potion bottles, candles, and scraggly black kitty cats... I can't resist.  It's definitely very Halloween-esque, but that isn't a problem for me.  I'm one of those people that could deal with Halloween being a year-round holiday.  

I know that the colour scheme of black, white, red, and gold can be a turn off for some.  I associate these colours in this art style with a sort of... cartoony gothic decadence.  Laugh if you want!  That's just what this JSK says to me.  And I like it!

But, just to put icing on the cake...

Oh goodness this little hat.  If I were to get the jsk, this would have to come with it.  It even has a little star on top!

Super spooky, super cute.  And the jsk by itself is less than $100!  This is definitely going on my wishlist as something I 100% plan to purchase.

For fun, I decided to put together a small coordinate plan using this jsk and hat, using items I already own (& some tights from sockdreams). ^_^

Hope you enjoyed & thank you for reading!

~ Gorey

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